Hello, and welcome to my photo archive page! It has been some time since I decided to release some of my photographs of the early Pretenders. Over the next month or so this site will introduce some of my favourite moments, from the late seventies running into the early eighties, touring in the USA and all over the world.

These are my personal photographs of us, The Pretenders, during the making of the videos we shot including “Brass In Pocket” and “Tattooed Love Boys” in 1979. They are more “Fly on the wall” than professionally executed photographs, but I think they capture the reality of The Pretenders hitting the road and really going to work.

These photographs will be professionally produced for purchase. They are a unique insight into the fun and nonsense of the road and the unreality of traveling all over the world, and turning people on to our music.

I hope you enjoy the memories.

– Martin Chambers –